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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extension applications are the most popular applications in the world. There are many women, who are not pleasent her own lashes. You can got a chemotherapy before or you can think your lashes are rare. It doesn’t matter. If you are over 18 ages, you can choose this application. Silk lashes look nice and cool. That’s why many women prefer that types. In our country many women prefer to have eyelash extension. There are many types for eyelash extension.

This application has not include any hesitation for clients. Your lashes can look good in a few minutes. Thanks to experts it is easy to get new and cool lashes. Many beauty center has eyelash extension applications. Fabulash Luxurious Beauty Center serves its clients eyelash extension applications. This process must be done by experts. Otherwise your eyelashes can be very harsh.

So you have to be careful that the process is done in hygienic conditions. At the beginning of the procedure, you need to have an allergy test. We recommend that you stay away from centers that do not perform allergy testing. Our beauty center is a team of highly experienced and experienced staff.


While the silk eyelashes are applied, the customer’s eyelashes are cleaned. If it passes successfully from the allergy test, the application starts. First, a harmless gel is applied to the eyelash point. This gel is for the permanent eye lashes to be added later. The process is short, usually in the  one time ends. Our beauty center, which accepts customers as an appointment, has a large number of references. It is extremely important for us to work with the staff who are equipped and know what you are doing. You can decide for yourself the longevity of your lashes and how lush your lashes are. Your eyes may burn during application, but this is a very natural situation. In a short time healing is achieved.

After Application

Post-treatment care is the ideal way to have healthy lashes. Not splashing your lashes is useful for long term use. After eyelash extension application, you can continue to make up. Thanks to the eyelash extension, your lashes will look much cooler. You can also continue with the application of mascara. It is quite simple to remove eyelash extension. However, it is necessary to consult an expert for this. The expert will remove the silk lashes through a solution. If you test yourself, you can tear off your eyelashes. Fabulash Luxurious Beauty provides services in this regard. You can have eyelash extension by making an appointment from us. We work from 10.30 to 18.00 on week days and weekends. We are closed just Tuesdays.

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