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Gel Nail

Gel nail is the most popular applications in the beauty area. If you have problem with your nail medically or if you want to better nails, you can choose this way. It has no pain or danger to your nails and it can applies easily. That’s why many person choose this way. This applications are making in the beauty saloons. Gel nail application is definitely must making by experts. Before the applications, beauty expert applies to your nail ‘protective lotion’. With this lotion your nail can still breathe.

There is no danger if you want to try this application. If your nail don’t look aesthetically or if you have nail fungus, this way can be the best way for your nails. If you eat your nails, our beauty center experts can apply gel nail to your nails.


The process does not take long time and it doesn’t hurt you. Many people may have hesitations at this point. In practice,  there is no fraying or permanent damage is observed in the nails. After appyling your nails don’t break or hesitate. So, that can be best way if you want your nails look good. Before application, the customer’s skin is tested and checked for any inconveniences. After the test, it is time to application. İt is important to protect our customers health for us. Person can choose his/her own nail shape or nail length. Depending on the preference of the person, gel nail application can be done.

There is different styles for prostethic nails. There are acrilic type, gel type and dipping types. When acrilic nails application, expert use the powder for your nails.

Gel type is also one of the  popular type for gel nails. In this application, expert apply the gel on your nails few times. This is the most popular and hardest way if you want to try gel nail. During gel nail application, the request of the person is extremely important. It is formatted according to preferences; the material on the nail continues shaping until dry.

How Can I Get Gel nails?

If you want to have gel nails you can get a service from Fabulash Luxurious Beauty which is in the İstanbul Nişantaşı. You can reach our center six days a week from 10:30 to 18:00. To get an appointment, you can call us or you can come to our center.

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