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Permanent Lip Contour & Blush

Permanent Lip Contour & Blush is an operation which is preferred by many women all over the world. People who want to have nice and full lips may prefer this method. If you are not pleasant with your lip shapes, lip filling can be good way to have beautiful nice lips. This method is similar to permanent make up application. In this application, expert choose best colour for you and apply it on your lips. Men can prefer Permanent Lip Contour & Blush at the same time.  According to the other methods Permanent Lip Contour & Blush is more naturally way.

Permanent Lip Contour & Blush Application

Clean injections are the main products for applying lip filling applications. This way can scares many person but if it’s applied right way there is no negativity on the application. According to your preferences, experts can shape your lip naturally. Before the operation is performed, the lips to be made to the customer are shown to the customer via the monitor and approval is obtained from the customer. In brief, it is possible to mention that pre-processing is extremely important. Allergy test is also another important point at this job. If you do not want to have any allergies on your lips, you should definitely do allergy testing. Lip injections isn’t an operation just like a tattoo. However, care must be taken to maintain it. Otherwise your healing can take a very long time. If you have a nevus or birth scar, that way is not gonna be for you.

After Permanent Lip Contour & Blush Application

Permanent Lip Contour & Blush is a pretty good method, but after application it may cause crusting on the lips of the patient. So, you can choose a lip cream according to your lip type. It heals your lip easily. If the crusting problem lasts long and you do not see any reduction, we recommend you go to the doctor. With doctor control, you can take a shower cause this is the most important point at the all applications. After the lip filling process, you should stay away from the bath and sauna for a while.

There are many beauty center which are applying permanent lip contour & blush. Fabulash Luxurious Beauty is the one of them. If you want to work with a center that serves hygienic conditions, we would be glad to assist you in this matter. You can call us and with this way you can get an appointment. We are serving in İstanbul Nişantaşı.

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